Repairs & Maintenance

Regular Maintenance or Emergency After Hours Assistance

Regular Servicing and Repairs

At Evenglide, we not only assist with the original design or your garage door, gate or entrance door, but we also know the importance of maintaining your door system through service, repair and maintenance.

The Evenglide Service Team are highly trained and experienced professionals that are familiar with most brands of door systems including residential, commercial and industrial door systems.

To ensure a good product life as well as minimising any risk to the property or a person, it is recommended by manufactures to service your garage door or gate system annually. The Evenglide Service Team can help service your garage door or gate, and will discuss any work, if needed, for approval before work is conducted.

Our Service technicians take thorough notes, so that we can keep a detailed history of your garage door or gate system and any work completed. Ensuring that we have the correct information to help you, whenever you need us.


24/7 Emergency Afterhours Assistance

Stuck in your home garage at 8:30am trying to get the kids to school? or has the Warehouse door stuck in a fallen position and causing a safety risk?

The Evenglide Service Team will be there to help. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Team will be there to help you with your garage door or gate system, making sure your property is safe.

For After Hours Emergency Service Call 0428 597 982

The Evenglide Service Team are here to help

Our experienced consultants can attempt to troubleshoot most motor and remote troubles over the phone and are ready to assist with your requests.

Our Service Team can help you with:

  • Annual Servicing
  • Garage Doors repairs
  • Gate repairs
  • Automation
  • Spare parts
  • Garage Door spring replacement
  • Remote controls
  • Replacement garage door water seal installation
  • Garage door manual locking bar installation
  • Broken garage door cable replacement
  • Tilt garage door spring replacements
  • Broken garage door hinge replacement
  • and much, much more

Contact us during Office Hours on 03 9909 5103

For After Hours Emergency Service Call 0428 597 982

Repairs & Maintenance

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