The Roller Garage Doors is a stylish and classic Australian garage door solution, that provides security to any garage door space, both residential and commercial.

Each garage door comes with a ColorBond steel finish to provide a long-lasting sleek garage door that requires minimal maintenance. Perfectly match the unique style of your home or business with a great range of ColorBond colours available.

For a Fenceline replacement a Roller Door can also be utilized. This includes a Roller Garage Door, generally supported by steel posts concreted into the ground for support, that can provide manual or automatic access into the property.

If you can't find the right finish you're looking for, visit our showroom or contact our team, and we'll work with you to achieve the perfect finish.

The Roller Garage Door is a stylish and classic Australian garage door solution, that provides strength and security through the deep profile of the door curtain. This garage door system includes galvanised tracks completely encasing sharp edges to ensure safety and dependability. Furthermore, the garage door is balanced with customised springs and is rated to 25,00 door cycles to provide peace of mind and smooth operation.

Additionally, the Commercial Roller Door incorporates the following safety features:

  • Track stops that ensure the door remains in the tracks even through rough treatment
  • An easy to use hand operated chain winder on manual doors
  • No sharp edges ensure safety is always front of mind
Roller Garage Door
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Additional Features

Flexible Sealing Strip
Flexible Sealing Strip

Flexible Sealing Strip

To protect the garage space from dust and leaves entering, a flexible sealing strip is added along the bottom width of the garage door curtain.

Strength and Style
Strength and Style

Strength and Style

The Roller Garage Door features the deepest door profile in Australia of 21mm, that provides strength and rigidity. Available in ColorBond finishes, this provides a roller garage door that not only looks sleek and stylish but will also provide a safe and secure garage door.

Balance and Long life
Balance and Long life

Balance and Long life

The garage door system is beautifully balanced with springs that ensure the door runs smoothly every time, maximising its performance for up to 25,000 door cycles. This ensures the optimum life of the door.

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